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TMATIC shoe covers and automated shoe cover placement machine for Hospitals.

Hospitals are the first place where people catch germs, no one needs to bring to hospitals, where patients and healthy visitors come everyday more bacteria, and certainly no one wants to go 
home carrying the same on his pair of shoes.

The TMATIC machine is ideal for hospital usage, placing a shoe cover quickly.  Our shoe covers for Hospitals are made from virgin (non-recycled) Polyethylene assures longevity while walking 
around the hospital. 

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I, CEO and Chairman TOLGA HIZIROGLU guarantee that you will be satisfied and if for any reason you are not, you may return within 45 days or under 100 times usage, and I will give you a full refund.*
*Returns are accepted for returned Machines in their original packing with invoice showing date of purchase within 45 days of return date, machine must be in clean conditions with shoe-cover use counter not exceeding 1000 uses.

And how we will buy your old shoe cover machine and replace it with our new TMATIC T100!

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