Our Product

TMATIC shoe covers are manufactured in 10 different useful advantages.Shoe covers and film are manufacturing from pure polyethylene granules. Highest quality shoes covers are producing our own factory.

There are no heavy metals or converted product in the product. It is manufactured in accordance with RoHS standard. Using the raw material is converting the first time in the film and has no additives.

*Shoes covers can be produce different thicknesses 8 micron up to 30 microns. If desired, it can be produce high strength. Throughout the day it can survive without tearing on the foot.

* Long using life without tearing.


* Shoes covers are suitable any use and sector.


* 50.5 Cm lenght and 13.5 cm to 16 cm adjustable width and extra wide shoes covers will be cover for your all shoes.


* Shoes cover production in different color and thickness.


* Manufacturing to according customer requirements and marking,branding or labeling,


* Highest Quality shoes cover manufacturing.


* Biodegradable shoes cover manufacturing. Biodegradable shoes cover will completely decay within 1 year.


* Economical cartridge system and manufacturing all in one in our factory


* Pride of manufacturing in Turkey.