Our Product

The T100 Machine comes with 16 Distinct Features and Benefits:

1 Inner-case is Galvanized Sheet and Cut by Metal sheet laser cutting machine. Making the machine strong and sturdy and can withstand bumps and hits.
2 Fault-tolerance magnetic switches Insuring that it works every time
3 14 different light and magnetic sensors Making sure you see where to position your foot properly under any lighting conditions, and attracts people to note that they need to place a shoe cover on to enter. 
4 Flexible usage from Children Size shoes cover, 8cm high heels, and large 52 cm shoes. No need to have different machines to be able to handle different sizes and types of shoes, the Machine and shoe covers are designed to work with the widest range of shoe sizes and types possible.
5 Life-Time Rail & Bearings system Tough and strong to keep on working again and again.
6 Multi-Lingual LCD display To work within numerous countries
7 Design life: 1 Million times We only use the best motors and mechanical arms ensuring that the machine keeps on working 5, 10, or 20 years from now
8 Low consumption LED Inner Lighting  We use LED lighting to keep energy consumption low in standby time and to insure lights keep operating much longer than traditional lighting.
9 Energy Saving Motor, with max 60 Watt in operation and < 5 Watts in stand by. Fully automated machines require energy consumption, we made sure it is the lowest possible, while ensuring quality and long lasting usability.
10 International Voltage Support from 95 to 265 Volts. Flexible to work within a wide range of energy requirements that makes the machine transportable and capable of continuing to work when energy supplies are limited.
11 Accepts 100 and 200 shoes cover cartridges.  
12 Holds an extra 100 shoes cover cartridge for easy and quick refill.  
13 97% successful shoe cover placement from first time. Fined tuned with PE Film, Shoe cover and Cartridge production to insure the highest rate of success for properly placing a shoe cover from first time in the world.  No need to keep on trying to put a shoe cover on as the case with other machines.
14 Different Colors No need for a shoe cover machine to look oddly placed if you are conscious of the interior decor of your lobby or entrance.  We provide multi color options to best fit your style. 
15 Custom Printed with your Brand. To match your brand design and theme of your company or organization, we also make this available.
16 Made in Turkey with Pride. Turkish quality manufacturing is starting to make noise around the world.  Perhaps one of the reasons is that Turkish mentality is very much like German mentality when it comes to quality engineering, the primary difference: Turkey makes more affordable quality products giving highest value.