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We apply new revision for shoes cover dispensers, We aply new 7 cm cover under the dispencers and at least 8 cm high heeled shoes can use our dispenser an shoes covers. 2014

We aplied new revison, we start to use new magbetic swiches instead of mechanic swiches. 2014

New revision about molds, 5 molds changed for new magnetic swich desing. 2014

New revison for the shoes cover dispencer, we change old mold, now our dispencer can open shoes covers better than before.2014  

New aparat desing for opening shoes cover, Part name is spoon.2014

We bought new film blowing machine for PE film production.. 2014

We start new test production.2015

We start new mass production. We start to produce new red film, white film, green film and pink film and blue film production.

We stated new red shoes cover production. 2015

We start new green shoes cover production. 2015

we start new white shoes cover production.2015

we start to biyoresorbable shoes cover production. 2015

New revision about led lighting, We add new led driver for dispencer, now light efficiency and life more

than 7 year.2015

We add new handle bar for dispencers.2015

New revision for dispencer, new sensors added on shoes cover opening area, now dispencer working better. 2015