Our Story
Our Targets
  • To continue the leadership in the sector in all aspects,
  • To follow up the technological developments and to provide service to our customers based on the developing technology
  • By continuous training, to provide our employees to be aware that they are a part of a leading organization and to provide the best service for our customers,
  • To provide the participation of the employees at each level in the service and the management and this way, to provide an environment in which they shall be happy,
  • To raise consciousness of our employees for a better environment, to provide that the materials we use are not harmful for the environment (recyclable),
  • To convert the increase in service quality into a potential increase,
  • To develop work processes in order to increase the customer satisfaction and loyalty,
  • To perform our work as fault-free in the first time.

We undertake that we shall achieve our targets by;

  • Continuously developing the efficiency of the Quality Management System and
  • By complying with the expectations and requests of our customers,
  • The legal conditions relevant to the service we provide (Such as Turkish Code of Commerce, Highway Traffic Law, Legislation of Environment),
  • The requirements of Quality Management System.

TMATIC LTD. The Policy for Handling the Complaints

it is our target to provide service above the expectations of our customers. We are attentive to handle the demands relevant to our service in a way to satisfy our customers. For this purpose;

We rapidly handle the customer demands received from all communication channels in compliance with the regulations and our company rules.

We attach importance to the protection of personal information, we evaluate the demands fairly and neutrally, we provide clear and net information to the customers relevant to each stage.

We make our customers feel that we approach as solution-oriented, that we handle the demands with due care and attention and that we care for our customers.

We consider the feedback from our customers as very valuable opportunities and we perform the required improvements in our business processes.